Saturday, January 9, 2010

Puttin' It In Writing

The Date: January 9, 2010

The Task: Put the goals for the year into writing

The Reason: Makin' It Real and Makin' It Mean Something

The Goal: To Enhance the Commitment I have with my God, my Husband and my Children, my Body, and my Budget - Makin' It All More Significant!!!!

Okay, so here goes. I'm a little nervous but I'm forcing myself to do this.  Why would any woman alive post her goals on the World Wide Web? Holy Cow! That's crazy, right.   OMWord.  What am I about to do?

I'm going to post this so that you, my friends and family, can help to hold me accountable.  I'm doing this so people can and will ask me how it's going. I'm doing this because I believe that God is telling me these are the areas of my life that need my attention.  I'm doing this because I know that my success will only be as strong as my commitment to success and my commitment to seeking Him in everything I do - from losing weight to being a better wife and mother to being more frugal and watchful of how I work to stretch the family dollar.  I know that God will meet me when I ask, but I also know I have to do my here goes.

These are not RESOLUTIONS because those are ALWAYS broken. These are GOALS that I will work toward and will NOT feel unsuccessful if I fall a little short. Instead, I will Praise God for every step I make toward these goals.  I will Praise God for every small point of success and I will Seek God when I struggle to stay focused.

1) I will spend 20 minutes with God, at least, 5 days per week. (Of course, I'm shooting for 7 days a week, but I don't want to get stuck in a guilty rut if there's a day or two here and there when it doesn't happen.) I will seek Him through more meaningful prayer throughout my day and I will delve into His Word regularly.  When I'm feeling good, I'll thank God for that. When I'm feeling down or I'm struggling with my focus, I'll ask God to pull me up and through that valley.  

2) I will work to lose 70 lbs  and be wearing a size 10/12 by December 31, 2010.
That will take me from 225 lbs to 155 lbs.  I will monitor inches lost more than pounds lost, because I WILL be exercising and gaining muscle.  I will do this through more careful monitoring of my food intake and portion size and I will make exercise a lifestyle change. I will make my health a priority because I want to be around for my kids and I want to avoid the diabetes and cancer history of my family's past.  I want to treat my body as God's temple and home - that makes it special and makes it worth something. (I will also be trying to limit my pop intake, but if you know me, this is very likely to be one of the more difficult parts to this plan! I sure do enjoy my Pepsi or Diet Dr. Pepper.)

3) I will create an opportunity to spend time, alone, with my husband at least 1x per month for a date night.  We enjoy our time alone together, to just be a "couple" rather than "parents".  We love to laugh and talk and play like we did when we were dating and we need this time together. Eventually, our kids will be out of the house and all we will have is "us".  That needs to be a BIG DEAL and something that we focus on!  We DESERVE to have time to just be "us".

4) I will be a more attentive mother to each of my four children by spending individual time with each of my kids each month - even if its just a trip to Wal-Mart or to get a Slushee or a walk around the block. I will turn the TV and Video Games off.  I will focus a little less on the housework and I will gripe less about what messes have been made that day.  They deserve that much from me. I will read with them more, play with them more, and will pray for them and for them more. I will be an example to them of a Devoted, Christ Follower and they will SEE ME seeking God in my parenting over them.

5) I will be more vigilant in looking for ways to stretch our family dollar. I will start couponing. I will search online for better deals when shopping and I will work with Justin to implement the Dave Ramsey plan into our monthly finances.  We will be more focused on responsible financial stewardship and will invite God into this area of our life. We will meet Him half way through faithful giving to Him from our wallet and our time.  No more excuses.  No more riding the fence. God talks about money more than 800 times. That tells me that its a subject He expects us to be knowledgeable and watchful over.

So, there it is. In writing. I'll click "publish post" in a second and will be locked in. I'm turning these things over to God and committing myself to being reminded of these goals, all year long.  Pray for me and stay tuned as I share successes and struggles throughout this year.

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