Saturday, December 19, 2009

God Shows Himself at WalMart

My last post talked about the financial stress that my husband and I have felt lately, which makes this story that much more amazing.

While we were grocery shopping last night at Wal-Mart, to fill our completely empty refrigerator and pantry (which was going to mean a rather large grocery bill), my kids needed to go potty.  My husband took the kids and went off.  On his way back to me, a woman, who was totally unknown by my husband, walked up to him and our 3 older kids and said "God told me to give this to you, as soon as I saw you."  She handed him a crisp, new $100 bill!  Justin was speechless and my 9 year old son was so excited.  Justin said "Thank you" and she responded with "Merry Christmas" and walked away.


As Justin and the kids found me, still shopping and loading the cart, my 9 year old son runs up to me and says "Mom, some woman just gave Dad money!"  I looked at Justin, with shock, and he showed me the bill in his hand.  I began to ask him questions like "What did she say?" and "Are you sure you don't know who she is?" He assured me that he had no clue and that all she said to him was that God told her to do that.


That woman, whom we may never see again, has blessed our family!  God has truly shown Himself and reminded my husband how much he is loved.  God used that woman to remind my husband that He will always provide.  God spoke to my husband, who has been struggling a lot in his faith lately, through that woman.  God showed me that He is really faithful in all things and will meet all of our needs.  I'm so grateful to God and I'm grateful to the woman who heard His voice and chose to obey and to sacrifice for us.

Today, we will discuss this incidence with our children and we will tell them how God provides.  We will talk to them about the effect of prayer.  We will talk to our children about how much God loves us.  We will share wtih them the important of obedience to God's word - which apparently can be heard, loud and clear, inside a Wal-Mart!

Thank you, God!  Praise you, God!  We love you, God!  Amen.

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  1. Wow, I saw this on Justin's page too. That is a great story. Beautiful...and I know you will pay it forward when given the chance. Love you, Serena!