Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Week - Done.

In the first real week of my efforts to have a more intimate relationship with God, my husband and my kids, and trying to be healthier in 2010, I feel I have some success to share.

First, I've lost 6 lbs by limiting my pop in take (which was super hard!), drinking lots of water, limiting portion size and carb intake.  I feel good about that and only hope I can keep it up.

I've also spent some time with God, though I wasn't as good about staying on top of that goal.  In fact, I'm ashamed to say that I didn't really realize how much God had to say to me through His Word until my family was thrown into crisis (another post - stay tuned).  Through that time, I felt God speaking calmness and encouragment directly to me through His Word and finally get it! Thank you, Lord.  I only wish you could have shared that with me without putting me through that particular crisis.

I enjoyed some special time with my girls. Sarah helped me to make pancakes one night for dinner while the other 3 all played the Wii.  She loved "cooking" and had a great time.  It was a real joy to see real, enjoyment on her face out of such a simple thing.  Then, my girls enjoyed some quality time with Mommy as we read about 12 books, of their choosing.  They were so excited to have Mommy read to them, they didn't even notice we'd turned the TV and computer off.  In fact, I've been intentionally turning the computer off several times per day, just so I don't get sucked into wasting hours with the screen rather than my kids. This week, I've been more content to read God's Word than to watch TV or Facebook/Twitter.  In fact, I'm feeling a little lost in Twitterverse right now...but my life is no worse! That's okay. This week, I'll spend some time with the boys (and by no means will I ignore the girls) - intentionally - and will continue to turn the screens in my house off!!! I will continue to tell them everyday that I love them and I am super proud to be their Mommy!

My husband and I were really tested this week, and we've survived.  Our love for one another was really tested and I believe we passed the test.  We were put together by God and nothing will tear us apart.  We draw together during times of crisis and we stand beside one another, and our family.  There will be no thundering black clouds hanging over our marriage - we will force the sun to shine them away!  I am so very grateful to have him to share my life with!

So, first week? Done. Successfully. On to the second...

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