Friday, January 22, 2010

Good Morning

It is really not unusual for mornings at my house to be hectic, crazy, loud and repetitive.

Most mornings, I find myself repeating a few phrases to the point that I feel like the proverbial "broken record".

Time to get up. 
Get dressed. 
Brush your hair and teeth. 
Find your socks. 
Get your shoes on. 
Do you want milk in your cereal? 
Get your coat. 
Where is your backpack? 
Have I signed your agenda?  
Did you brush your teeth? 
Hurry! The bus is coming!

This morning. Success!!! No one threw a major fit. There were no major meltdowns over which shirt didn't' fit just right or the shoe that refused to be found.  There were no arguments about who was brushing their teeth first. (We have 3 bathrooms, but they all insist on using the same one - explain that!) There was no bickering over who would sit in what chair at the table or who would turn on which cartoon.  There were no crises about missing backpacks or agenda books.  It was still a bit repetitive, but it was relatively peaceful and easy going. So much so, that they each had a whole 20 minutes to spare!!!!


How did this thing happen? Was it a once-in-a-lifetime fluke?  Did I do something different?  Did they sleep better?  Was the weather a factor?  Did a swarm of bees come into my house overnight and fly away my real children and replace them with clones?  How did this great morning come into being?

I'll be thinking about that all day so I can try to repeat this pattern next week, for sure!

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