Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Princess

Tomorrow is my oldest daughter's 8th birthday.  Chloe Michelle is a dramatic, energetic, dynamic, animal loving little girl with a big heart.  Her arrival into our family was one of joy and excitement for me. After having two boys, I was very excited to have a little "princess" in my midst. Little did I know that a "princess" she would not be.  This girl is no girly-girl. She refuses to wear a dress or a skirt and would rather wear pants and cowgirl boots.  She never really wants me to do her hair, denies that her ears are even pierced and I'm sure she'll probably avoid make-up like its the plague.  Chloe is definitely her own person but already struggles with self-esteem and confidence, which I pray will not be a life-long struggle for her.  Chloe fights to go to gymnastics every week but has a ball once she's there. She loves to draw and recently enjoyed putting together her first scrapbook.  Chloe can be very assertive, which will come in handy as she gets older, I'm sure...if only we can help her reign it in when needed. 

As she turns 8 years old, my prayer is that God will continue to show her just how amazing she is and that she will continue to love Jesus and animals as much as she does today.  I pray that she will have a zest for life always and that she will have a strong faith in the plans God has for her life.  I pray that she grows into a confident and strong young woman who can be excited about every new day.  I pray that she will recognize she is and always a be a princess...because her Father is King of Kings!  (pictures by my awesomely talented friend, Jessica Lindsey)

I am so proud of her and I love that she is just the way she is...girly or not...she's still my princess.

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