Tuesday, January 3, 2012

12 Dreams for 2012

1) Grow closer to God.
2) Grow closer to my Sweetie and remember why I love him each and every day...even during intense fellowships.
3) Grow closer to each of my amazing kiddos and tell them every day just how special and amazing God made each of them.
4) Grow old friendships deeper, despite any distance.
5) Grow new friendships.
6) Grow a beautiful flower/bush garden this spring to make the front of our home more welcoming.
7) Grow my blog.
8) Grow my book.
9) Grow as a social worker through connections, training, and enhanced passion for the field of child welfare.
10) Grow myself as a public speaker
11) "Grow" a little smaller through finally doing what needs to be done.
12) Grow in the kitchen by trying to be a more creative and healthy cook.

What are your 12 dreams for 2012?  I'd love to encourage you along the way!

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