Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Reshaping It All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness" by Candace Cameron Bure

I have always loved Candace Cameron Bure.  As a girl about the same age, I just knew that DJ Tanner and I could have been great friends and I would often dream of having a family life and a home like hers.  Alas, it was only TV and real-life was very different.  In the past few years, I've been able to follow her through a few movies on TV and then through Make It or Break It on ABC Family (one of the very few shows I'll watch on that network!).  I love that she (and Kirk Camerong) is a Christian in Hollywood and isn't afraid to put that out there and I am way psyched that she's scheduled to speak at one of my favorite women's conferences in 2012! Knowing that she's also a New Kids on the Block fan is only a plus!!!

When I heard that she'd written a book, I couldn't wait to pick it up.  In fact, its the 2nd or 3rd book about losing weight and getting healthy I've purchased in the past 6 months.  God is definitely telling me I need to make changes.  I figured I'd read her story and get inspired by her transformation, so I started reading and didn't stop until it was finished. 

What I wasn't expecting was for God to use this book to speak directly to my heart through this person I have never met.  I fully expected to read about healthy food choices and to be told, yet again, how important exercise will be to my weight-loss journey.  I also expected a mention of God's power to help. I just didn't expect it to ring so loud and true with me.

Through this book, I realized what a hold food has over me and I realized that Satan uses food and my total dislike of exercise to keep me under his influence, blocking me from receiving the boutiful blessings that God has waiting for me in this area.  Satan uses food to control me when I'm bored, when I'm down in the dumps, stressed out, being lazy...and, so on.  Satan knows that food is a vice in my life and just loves the giant door that creates for him to influence my life!  What I need to do is slam that door shut in his face and open the door allowing God to control this part of my life.  For some reason, I use food as a way to feel better about life and the chapters in my story.  God is telling me that my significance is found in Him.

I knew all of the basics about healthy eating and the importance of exercising and getting off my butt before I read this book.  What I had been forgetting was to put the focus on God throughout the process.  I appreciate the reminder that God really does care about what I eat and how I treat my body.  It really is a temple for the Living God, who lives in me, and I need to respect myself as such.

Moving forward, I'm inspired to shop healthier and to keep better choices on hand for those snack attacks.  I'm not going to pretend that it will be easy; I'm sure it won't be.  I am super addicted to pop and I have a giant sweet tooth, so the prospect of really giving those things up is proving to be kinda scary, but I have to have faith that I can overcome those cravings by allowing God to fulfill me.

I took the first step during our weekly shopping trip this week.  We completely avoided the aisles and stuck totally to the perimeter of the store (with the exception of bread).  We bought a ton of fresh fruit and produce, which the kids have been devouring like mad.  If only I could get them as excited about veggies.   We also purchased some seafood and salmon, which we have typically avoided because of the cost (have you ever noticed how much more expensive the healhier stuff is?).   I figure if the bad stuff isn't in the house, we can't consume it. Not having pop in the house means I have to actually get the kids into the car and drive to get one, when a craving hits, and that will make it more difficult to give-in.  The effort that takes doesn't make getting a $1 pop all that worth it.  Getting myself healthier means setting a better example for the kids, too.  They'll resist and be cranky for a while, I'm sure, but we'll all push through and make it to the healthier side. 

One step at a time. One day at a time. One craving at a time.  The biggest paradigm shift will involve where my focus is directed.  Will I choose to turn toward that which I am trying to give up or towards the One who can fulfill any craving?  We'll pray and see...

I HIGHLY recommend this book!!! I plan to keep it on the table, front and center, so I can be reminded of the things I learned in this book and to help me stay focused.

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