Thursday, May 26, 2011

Adventure Ahead

The last time I wrote, it felt like I was suspended in mid-air, wondering which direction the wind would blow me.  Now, I know.  South.  Down I-35 straight to the Oklahoma City area.  All signs are pointing to new adventures, new opportunities, new relationships, new blessings and I'm sure a few new obstacles, at the same time.

As a hard-working FedEx man for almost 12 years, my husband, Justin, has proven that his work-ethic and willingness to go above and beyond is immeasurable.  He gives 110% every day and excels at his job...there's a reason why FedEx says they can get your package "Anywhere in the world, on time" and its because of men like Justin.  Although he's often questioned the value of his work and felt down on himself because he doesn't have a college degree, he is amazing at what he does and puts a lot of effort into his job.  In my humble and unbiased opinion (yeah, right!), Justin is the definition of a great courier!

Two and a half years ago, he began to work toward a new goal...a chance to grow and to enhance his career with FedEx. He began the Aspire program and was in-training to be an Operations Manager. In 2008, he applied for several positions and was granted two interviews.  He did his best, but just wasn't ready.  Discouraged for a bit, he focused less on the training and tried to see if God was really leading him in that direction.  Then, about a year ago, he believed God was telling him to "Go For It!"  Justin put a ton of energy and time into learning all that he possibly could.  He worked a gazillion extra hours and invested a lot of himself into the process. He allowed himself to be a sponge, absorbing as much as possible. 

In April, he took a chance and applied for a third position, with the same hiring manager he'd interviewed for in 2008.  He put an amazing portfolio together, stuffed it in the envelope, and shipped it off to Oklahoma City and set back to wait.  A couple of weeks later, a second position came open in Oklahoma City, and although he was still unsure what would come of the first packet, he decided to apply for the second position.  Again, he set back to wait.  Several days went by and Justin waited.  If you know Justin, you probably know that this is the hardest part...he's not very patient.  Several days went by and he received word he'd been selected to interview for BOTH positions. 

Could this really be happening? It's got to be a good sign that they want him back to interview with the same guy a third time, right?  He became nervous and excited, all in one fell swoop!

Two weeks later, interview day...preparing for the positive, we packed up the family and headed south.  We prayed with him and hoped he'd do well, still unsure what that would really mean for our family.  He heads off, dressed for success, feeling confident and anxious. 

More waiting.  Three more days until he'd know the decision.  Monday morning, he receives an email from the hiring manager!  Is this good news? Is this a personal "Sorry, but we've selected someone else." moment?  What could this mean? 

Good News!  He was offered the job and agreed to accept the position.  All of Justin's hard work was paying off!!!  It was May 9 and he was asked to report to Oklahoma City in just a few short weeks!!!  WHOA!!! WHAT!?!?!?!

Only a few weeks to prepare a family of 6 to move our entire lives to a new state! Holy Schmoly!  So, I gave notice at work and talked to my boss and friend. I cried with my best friend and we began to make plans to stay connected. I texted all of our closes friends and heard my mother tear up at the thought of us moving away.  I began to look online for a home for our family and to schedule another trip to the area to see if we could find a place to live...the planning had commenced.

Thankfully, the adventure is going smoothly, so far.  We have found a home; not necessarily what we really wanted and definitely will require some down-sizing and de-cluttering, but it's gonna be great.  We know where the kids will go to school and I know that I do not have to take another social work licensing exam in order to practice in Oklahoma. We're even growing somewhat, slightly, only a little bit accustomed to the lack of tornado shelters and basements in that part of Tornado Alley! 

Now, we're scheduling movers, arranging utilities, and transferring our mail.  We're praying God will show us a great church and hoping we'll meet amazing people in our new community.  We're looking at this like a new adventure and trusting God.  It's a big deal and we'll so miss the lives, the history, and the connections we've had to Wichita our entire lives.  It's definitely hard to say good-bye, but its also pretty exciting to get a fresh start. I'm praying our family grows closer to each other and to God as we embark on this journey.  Please join me in this prayer. 

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