Wednesday, September 16, 2009

An Attitude of Gratitude

Thank you so much for wonderful husband. He works so hard for our family and I know that he's tired most of the time. He's committed to coaching so both of our boys can play their chosen sport this year and he's volunteering at church with 2nd graders for AWANA and all of that keeps him busy every night of the week, after long, long days at work. He's busy at games all day on Saturday and manages to give our girls big hugs and kisses each time he walks through the door. He holds them as they fall asleep and then carries them off to bed. Thank you, Lord, for Justin's heart. Thank you that he loves me even when I'm not the wife he deserves. Thank you that he has always been there for me and thank you for allowing him to become exactly the man I needed as my husband. He's been patient and gentle when I needed him and he's protected me when I needed that too. Thank you, Father, for my husband. He is really a blessing to me.

Thank you for my children - even on those days when I'm so frustrated and I'm yelling way too much. Thank you for their health. Thank you for their energy. Thank you for their uniqueness. Thank you, Father, that they laugh and play as much as they argue with one another. It melts my heart when they say "I love you, Mom." and give me a hug - and I thank you that they can each say those words to me. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to raise them up to know you and love you.

Thank you Lord for my friends. You have blessed me so completely with the women in my life - always supportive, encouraging and ever so helpful to me. Thank you that we can get together and laugh uncontrollably at even the most stupid jokes or stories. Thank you for giving me friends that will and do cry with me when I need to cry and thank you father for my friends who have prayed for me, my marriage, my husband, and my kids. I truly don't know what I would do without friends who pray with me and for me! That is a blessing beyond measure.

Thank you Lord for the teachers you've put into my life over the past few years. I've so enjoyed all of the messages I've received directly from you through these wonderful Christian leaders. Thank you for the chance to attend the conferences and hear amazing testimonies. I only hope I can apply all that you've shown me to share my testimony better and to glorify you in all I do!

Finally, Jesus, thank you so much for dying for me. I know that it is only because you love me that you would be willing to do that for me! I am not worthy of that kind of love because I know that I sin each and every day and I have to always repent for things I do and choices I make. Lord, it is humbling to know that you suffered and went through all that pain before even my great, great grandparents or their great, great grandparents were even a glimmer in someones eye - you knew that I would need your grace and I thank you for offering it. I am so grateful for the gift that you gave to me on that cross, just when you were losing your very life on earth. Thank you so much! I love you Lord. I love you Lord. I love you Lord.

In Jesus' name I am grateful. Thank you, Father!

This is just my way of remembering all that I'm truly grateful for today.

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